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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kat And Miace 

A little correction from the owner of Reality Hot Spot:

I'm sure you want what you print to be as factual as possible, so here are a
few corrections to what you wrote. The first being that I did not betray
the "Thugs" and am friends with every single one of them except Kat, who I
had a falling out with. The second being that I did not go to Paul and TFB
for support, I simply had the opportunity to have a conversation with Paul
and we made amends. The third is that we did not create RealityHotSpot.com
to bash anybody, we only wanted a place to be able to speak our minds when
most of us were banned from TFB. It is true that I am the sole owner of the
site now and Kat has moved on to her own forum. Thanks, I would appreciate
the corrections.

And one from the owner of Reality Check:

Would just like to clear up that my site is not dedicated bashing Paul or The Fishbowl. We are dedicated to Reality Television and there is one post on the whole board that says anything about Paul. Who by the way has been stalking me around the internet for almost a year now. I have email after email that are just pages of him tracking my every move that he sent to someone. Here is the link (see above) to the site if you would like to check it out and see that the site IS NOT dedicated to bashing those morons as Tina wants to put out there.