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Monday, November 07, 2005

A Fish Named Paul 

Some excerpts from an email from Paul - the owner/webmaster of TheFishbowl.com:

If I can comment on the Kat blurb you have on the front of your
site about me "stalking" her. She was banned from The Fishbowl for not
following simple rules of common sense. The rules are: 'no sexually
explicit discussions' and 'please remember to keep the bad language to a
minimum when minors are in the room.' With a known minor in the
Fishbwol chatroom present Kat had an explicit conversation about the
machinations of giving her husband oral sex while they were out on a
drive. So she was finally banned for that conversation - there had been
previous confrontations where Kat was asked to curb her language and
content and she had many complaints that she was 'not going to be
treated like a baby' in the chatroom. She came back a few weeks later
while at a hotel stay (thereby giving her a different IP address) to
attack and harass the hosts in the chatroom and on the boards of The

Kat then went off to write MySpace blogs about me filled with her
contempt and bile for the fact she was banned. She also had others
write similar things. I was alerted to the posts and I contacted
MySpace who warned her about their Terms of Service rules and got the
posts removed which caused her to write more about it which were also
banned. The other account by her cohort that was posting stuff about
the Fishbowl hosts and myself was terminated by MySpace. The "pages and
pages" of e-mails is two e-mails to Mia and Jerry about Kat and her
banning at the Fishbowl where I mentioned what Kat was doing on her
MySpace blogs.

The bottom line is that Kat does not think rules apply to her. And she
has a nerve talking about stalking when she recently returned from a
trip to Los Angeles and was telling her friends at the time that she had
someone drive her to my house when I was at work and she stopped and got
out. This was relayed to me through one of her friends whom Kat told.
They wanted to alert me to what happened because they obviously thought
it was wrong. Whatever Kat's reason for coming to my house; it
certainly was not to pay a social visit and probably falls well within
the stalking laws of CA. So by having a MySpace blog that breaks their
Terms of Service on personal attacks removed and mentioning it in an
e-mail is equal to stalking in Kat's mind but her bragging to others
about driving to my house in Los Angeles and getting out to look around
does not? I guess different rules apply to Kat than the rest of us.