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Sunday, October 23, 2005

With Friends Like These 

Some avid readers caught this exchange between Jokerette and Wildcard:

Jokerette (in a reply to a MEMORIAL to the victims of Hurricane Katrina):

YOU are a bad, bad girl.
10/19/05 04:50 PM

I just got off the phone with you. Wilma is headed right for you. Your parents are evacuating and you are threatening me with staying on the BEACH. OK, so I'm telling the whole world on you! So there! pbbbbbbbt


I'm not a bad girl. I posted a link to a memorial cause I'm so good and sad at what happened. As far as "threatening" I believe that was in reply to
10/19/05 05:23 PM

You telling me that Wilma headed this way was what I deserved for not coming to Nashville. So there. Gonna tell everyone on me, just make sure to tell it all


So not only is Jokerette wishing a hurricane on her bestest friend (when it suits her) Wildcard because she went to be with family instead of to Jokerette's house to be her own personal "refugee," she's treating her like a child now as well- "baaad girl." The last time I looked, JokersUpdates did have an age requirement, especially for the administration team. Not that Jokerette ever acts hers.

Here are the links to this discussion, but for some reason the Katrina Memorial has either been moved or disappeared. Wonder why?