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Monday, October 31, 2005

Living In Glass Houses 

A few things were pointed out to me on my previous article. First is the fact that the Jero bashing on Reality Hot Spot goes against their one and only rule - no attacking members. Assuming of course Jero is still a member of the site.

I was also corrected that Two Faced Reality is really TwoFacesOfReality.com and was NOT a spinoff from the Fishbowl. Reality Hot Spot was run by Mia and Kat from the Fishbowl who recently had a falling out. Mia went back to Paul and the Fishbowl for support against Kat and "The Thugs" she had betrayed (more on The Thugs later). Kat opened up her own message board Kat's Reality Check.

And then I get this news from a member of The Fishbowl:

We opened The Fishbowl (TFB) in August of 2004. It was created with two purposes in mind. One, to allow fans to interact with reality stars and two, to try to help these reality stars to get a jumpstart on their careers. Both have been successful, as have we at TFB.

The DVD "Reality Unleashed" (created by TFB) had a release party...I believe is was September 2004. It was by invitation only. From what Wally has told me, Jerry got himself in using Wally. (According to Wally, Jerry was going to crash the party, but he convinced Jerry to pay for Scott Long to come out so that he could come to the party with Scott.

Around that time, Big Brother 5 had ended and TFB had Scott, Diane, Jase, Holly, Lori, and Marvin doing radio shows. Somehow Jerry got to be Diane's manager and webmaster until the whole fiasco started over there and Jerry was exorcized from the website.

Now, there were a group of regular night chatters in TFB chat room. They thought they owned the place and began making rude comments to other chatters. They're called "The Thugs" now. Some lewd remarks were apparently made (I was not witness to them), and since the chat room is open to 13 year olds and over, TFB felt that subject matter was inappropriate. Things got said, that were not very nice. They began boycotting TFB claiming that we were infringing on their right to free speech. They spewed venom both in our chatroom and in our forums. When they were banned from both, they went to AIM chat, Myspace, and then finally created their own forums. But having their own forums wasn't enough. They had to continue their rant on TwoFaced Reality, MySpace, RealityTVGossip, and Reality Hot Spot.

Now, you've seen most of what went on at RTVG. That wasn't the beginning though. It started with the posts being on TwoFacedReality and then was moved to RTVG and the other websites. You'll notice all the hateful topics at 2FR have been deleted.

What was very interesting, and you haven't pointed it out yet, was this...Diane Henry's webmaster Bikr, had a problem with his server and all his sites were down for awhile. Jerry made a post laughing at Bikr saying karma is a bitch (which, of course, was deleted from his website so Bikr wouldn't see it). After Diane's site went back up, he was one of the first to register and tell them how happy he was that the site was back up.

Of course, you know that 2FR was originally Scott Long's fan website. They parted ways this past summer. It's not for me to say what it was about, so you can draw your own conclusions.

So the "thugs" began attacking Paul at every opportunity on all these website. Not only did they attack his webmaster status, but also his physical appearance. Even Jerry had said as early as this spring that he thought the "thugs" were wrong to attack him that way. And then it wasn't long after that he was doing the same thing himself.

Just recently there was a rift in the "thug" gang. Mia and Kat, who is supposed to be the ringleader of the "thugs", apparently had a falling out. Kat went and started her own website, so now we have yet another site dedicated to slamming TFB and Paul in particular.

All our FB chat hosts have been attacked by them, with the exception of me. However, by writing this, I have thrown my hat into the ring.

So what of The Fishbowl? Well, we've been very busy! We produced and created the reality show "Kill Reality" this past summer, along with the movie "The Scorned", which will air on E! tonight. A few of our radio hosts have since gotten other projects and we couldn't be more happy for them! They deserved to be noticed and accepted for their acting abilities and not be considered D list celebrities just because they were on reality shows.

What of our radio shows? Well, we did move them all to a big 2 hour block on Fridays. Why? Because our shows were picked up on sattelite radio. So you see, we are far from dead and we have more projects in the works at this time that I'm not at liberty to discuss.

Anyway, you now know most of the story. This feud goes back a long way. TFB didn't start it, but I'll be damned if I'm going to sit back and say nothing anymore. Stay tuned, because everything Jerry has ever done is about to be printed. This isn't over. It has just begun.

**Added note: I've just learned Jerry has banned me from his website. No reason was given, but I speculate that Jerry went back on his word to me, knew our friendship would be over, and decided to break the ties before I did.