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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Just Diane To Tell You 

Well the recent fight at Reality TV Gossip between Jero and Spamgirl (and others) over the Howie chat seems to have a bit of history behind it.

But first a few facts. I was sent the chat part where all the private messaging started. From what I see the following people, in this order, were messaging Howie and he was answering in the chat (which I must agree is annoying) - Immy, Mandie (of the now infamous boobies at RTVG), Lisa, Darth, Phusion, Lola, Spam (girl), avy?, shelly, julie, and Franz - with some of them breaking in more than once.

So why did Jero specifically call out Spamgirl. And what does Diane-Henry.com, a site Phusion and Mandie bring up, have to do with all of this?

Seems like Jero had some control at that site last year and decided to run amok and began banning everyone in sight. Seems Spamgirl also had a bit of control, and when people started complaining, she banned Jero and unbanned everyone he had kicked off. I imagine Jero was not a happy camper, though there is an admission that a good lesson was learned.

But it looks like all is not forgotten, and Jero saw a chance to put a little stink on Spamgirl, and took it.

Stay tuned for more developments.