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Friday, October 21, 2005

Howie Do They Do That? 

The Howie chat scandal just gets more involved.

Seems one of Howie's avid fans signed up at Reality TV Gossip to take a look at the Jero/Spamgirl controversy, and decided that it was a nasty piece of business disrespecting Howie, and said so at his site. This link will give you the whole sordid details if you can wade through it - howiegordon.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=431 (Caution: Rabid Fan may cause projectile vomiting). You may have to wait till Friday evening (October 21, 2005) to see it - looks like they are moving servers today. But in the link we get to see Howie shouting out the new rules for chats, and his displeasure at what happened with all the private messaging. We also get to see a really sweet example of how devoted some Howie fans can be - with guest appearances by Deb and Warpet. It is worth the wait to read this Tome To Howie, if it is still there.

Jero posted a response to the previous article - duplicated here without permission:

RE, I trust you are reading this at some point.

Here is my original post:

It pisses me off when there is a Scheduled Chat with someone (Reality Star) and people have to ruin it by sending Personal Messages to the guest of honor. It is RUDE and just WRONG and it is even worse when it is a site admin from another site. SHAME ON YOU! I think your punishment should be to sit on a hot "BBQ" for 10 minutes!
End Quote

I did not specifically call out Spamgirl, at least not on this site. I have no beef with her personally, I didn't even know she got involved in the DH.com scandal until reading your posts on your site. That one day that I did run amuck on DH.com, I only booted people from the chat room, and that was because I was attempting to keep those there from copying the chat log (which didn't work BTW) I never Banned anyone form the site, oh wait, yes I did. Maryhse I think it was. The day that I ran amuck was a day that I had decided to leave the site for good, I posted a goodbye message on the message board and in a moment of bad judgment, I let loose in the chat room as well. This is the only place that Spamgirl had any control. She never banned me but she may have been able to adjust the settings in mIrc to allow those I kicked to return. That feud is long over and done with. I harbor no ill feelings towards any member of that site, Spamgirl or the admin Bikr. He and I have been cordial to one another in the recent months. To this day, I remain very good friends with a handful that supported me on that site. I DID learn a lesson, don't mess with the majority.

I feel that some are bringing up the DH.com incident as a way to perhaps dig up some old hard feelings and get support against this recent rant of mine. I trust that those at DH.com who may catch wind of this sooner of later will question the intention of whoever brings it to their attention. Again, I have no hard feelings for Diane or her message board members. I am an active poster there and I support the site 100%.

If it has been just regular posting folk that were doing the Private Messaging, I would have never even brought it up. I just felt it was especially wrong for a few who really should have known better. It could have been Deb/Warpet/Morty/Paul/Bikr or any other message board admin. I felt it was disrespectful of Howie, Rachel, the chat members and the chat hosts. If anyone takes the time to read the transcripts, it was NOT acceptable behavior and they were asked to stop.

OK, I guess that is about it for my explanation.

Thanks for your time.


I have heard that things had gotten so heated between Bikr and Jero that it eventually wound up leading to a hate site being created in Jero's honor by Bikr, later removed when legal action was threatened - although Bikr claims he had more in store for Jero and that the legal action was not why it was taken down. It is good to know Jero and Bikr have made up now.

It was also pointed out to me that Spamgirl edited all of her posts on the topic at RTVG. And that Jero requested to be friends with Spamgirl on myspace.com under the Two Faced Reality moniker - till it was found out he owned the site.

And speaking of myspace, this little gem was sent me -
www.myspace.com/jokerette. Now is that a legit myspace entry, or is someone goofin on the owner of Jokers Updates?

Stay tuned.

(Update: No doubt the jokerette page is a fake - John Belushi would be proud. Kids can be so cruel.)