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Sunday, October 30, 2005

From The Fry Pan To The Fire 

Seems things are heating up for Jero - Reality Hot Spot has created their own thread for him at http://s14.invisionfree.com/RealityHotSpot/index.php?showtopic=76.

But this has really got me confused so any help from avid readers would be appreciated. From what I understand this whole thing comes from The Fishbowl, one of the hottest reality sites around last year, that had lots of reality "stars" showing up with radio shows and chats all the time. The place, run by someone named Paul (NOT our friend Paul Laughton aka BBVoyeur) was doing great until both fans and stars seemed to disappear. Whereas they used to have multiple broadcasts during the week, they are now down to one, and it doesn't seem like the stars post in the forums at all any more.

There were multiple spinoff sites from disatisfied fans, Reality Hot Spot, run by Mia, and Two Faces of Reality (or Two Faced Reality) run by Jero being two. As we have seen previously, Jero is a somewhat controversial figure, and this thread is "calling him out" - kind of like the shoot out at the OK corral in reality site land. So we have what looks like MonkeyKing and Jero on one side and Paul, Wally, and Tina on the other duking it out - until the inevitable thread locking.

Any way this all seems to have been triggered by some remarks made by His Dudeness over at, where else, Reality TV Gossip.

And since it seems like a lot of topics are getting locked, I have opened up the Reality Enquirer forums again at http://p071.ezboard.com/frealityenquirerfrm2.