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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Continuing Bruhaha About Kaysar and Jokers 

I got this in the mail which is interesting reading (Update: looks like the kaysarridha.com links aren't working - in fact the kaysarridha.com isn't up and running - try back later!):

Apparently there is a feud going on between two former posters and Jokers. Two longtime but not well liked posters left Jokers to move on to other boards to trash Jokers. Empress and Suebee use to be 2 well liked users but till the end they were the only 2 that liked each other. So, right before they got banned they left and went to Kaysar's board. There are a whole list of reasons that they are trashing Jokers, some are valid and some are borderline mental.

Here are some examples of the trashing - minor trashing -
http://www.kaysarridha.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=1266#pid17005 (towards the bottom of the thread)

A whole page of trashing from SueBitch .. er Bee and Empress -

Also there is the user Fuggybootling that was also banned (see the trend) that has been posting there. It appears that someone felt the need to post a link on Survivor Sucks. It had the start of a board to board war. If Marcellas would not have made the mistake of trashing fans (and that taking it's place for the drama of the moment) I think that it would still be going on.
We had done a previous piece on Empress last year at http://realityenquirer.blogspot.com/2004_10_01_realityenquirer_archive.html#109822224350284328 - still spooky.

It was interesting to see who showed up in these threads, especially the second. Some big hitters from past and present of Jokers Updates, including DressageRider and of all people, Numfar. Numfar was a moderator at Jokers, apparently ran off Stark (http://realityenquirer.blogspot.com/2003_06_01_realityenquirer_archive.html#105654487568142095), and then left Jokers in 2004.

We also found Empress at another site doling out juicy tidbits - take a look at http://www.realitytvgossip.com/viewtopic.php?t=4069&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15 for a nice update.