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Friday, September 09, 2005

You Always Find Something Interesting When You Are Bored 

So I took a little trip over to the Mecca of Razz and found a fresh post from BBTomCat with just an image in it of an eye.

Seems this links to

That ip address is a DSL line in the San Francisco area.

But what is more interesting is if you go to - the page redirects you to arnoldshapiroprods.com, but not before you see the title of the page - Gateway to the Laughton's.

So is BBTomCat actually bbvoyeur? And if so who is Laughton? I know. And it looks like either the BBTomCat posting at the mecca is also bbvoyeur, or they live pretty close to each other. Maybe bosom buddies or a pair of star gazers.

Quick Update: Just checked out one of BBVoyeur's posts on a previous page over there - he had also posted an image. Guess what -

I guess BBVoyeur is having a bit of a personality crisis.

(I guess he wasn't really trying to hide it too hard - both names have pictures associated with them that are also linked back to that address. Wonder if it is in the terms of service that you can run a web server off a dsl line?)