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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Who Is Reality Enquirer? 

Apparently Tobor is posting the following to out me. Doesn't he know that http://p207.ezboard.com/bwhoisrealityenquirer already exists?

From Tobor:

I am spending too much of my time reading and answering emails from people who think I am writing the Reality Enquirer Blog.

This is the location of the blog if you do not know:


For the record-- I'm not the guy. (Actually I think it is a girl. My syntax analysis and word selection compiler says it is a girl, and the compiler has never been wrong once.)

I am going to find out who this writer really is. Where she posts and what the agenda is.

So I ask you... ARE YOU with me on this? Don't you want to know the TRUTH? Well then let's go out there and GET the truth.

I already have some good leads.

My email Addy is in my profile. Email me with any information you have have on this RE... any little bit helps. I'll keep my sources confidential if requested.

OR you can post your thoughts here.

This is an all-out effort to get this mission accomplished.

We WILL find the identity of Reality Enquirer!!!!