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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Methinks He Protesteth Too Much 

If you take a look around on Reality TV Gossip and Big Brother Creative Development, you will find Tobor's response to my linking him to BBVoyeur.

There are other reasons I thought this may be true. One is, as a member of EZboard, I have an inbox. No one has sent me a message in the 2 or 3 years I have had it, until recently. I have now received three messages - one from BBVoyeur, one from BBTomcat, and one from Tobor - all of them fishing, trying to get me to respond.

However I tend to believe Tobor - he is probably not BBVoyeur, just an unwitting tool. Tobor himself has revealed that Big Brother Creative Development is another front for BBVoyeur - the reason Tobor's image links back to laughton.com is that all the graphics from BBCD were moved to laughton/BBVoyeur's server a while back. Which either means BBVoyeur owns the site, or the owner is in really tight with him.

Besides how could I confuse the two - Tobor is just a pompous ass whereas BBVoyeur is just a pompous... well ok they are easy to confuse. Besides, Tobor is from Texas and a Spurs fan as everyone knows.

Also some people have been wondering why the comments on the poll were closed. Well it seems like proxy jumping BBVoyeur/BBTomcat like to impersonate the board owners of a certain clubhouse, so I pulled them and closed the comments. And please remember BB - it isn't that hard to use a proxy server - you didn't invent them. Or did you?

Update: You know, I still have my doubts - reading some of those posts Tobor sure sounds like BBVoyeur.