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Monday, September 05, 2005

From Start To Finish? 

Here is how it starts:

3-17-13 NT
07/20/05 02:05 PM

Which was a BB safe cracking thread.

Is this where it ends?

Quote: "Blatant lie. go join the twisted Iggits and FU NT"

was deleted.

Unless you have a good explanation for slamming a user like this, consider this your last warning.

Further posts of this manner may result in a ban from posting.

Thanks, Kaz

Quote: it was a lie, and why "...consider this your last warning" I have not gotten any other warnings? LAST? Maybe I should beleive all the bad sh*t posted on the www about jokersupdates. PUH!

Quote: Last warning yes, some don't get any. You have been here long enough to know the rules. We do not change them for anyone and nobody makes them up for the hell of it.

Thanks, Kaz

Sounds like standard operating procedures over at Jokers Updates to me.