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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Easter Egg Hunt Then Its Back To Business 

As Big Brother inches to the finale, a bunch of people have taken to other diversions. Some are doing magic tricks, and some are talking about themselves.

I have been watching my good friends at Reality TV Gossip and seen them regaled with parlor tricks that got them quite upset. I have also heard their, and others, plea that I get back to writing about reality sites like I should be.

I agree. I get caught up in the attempts to find out who runs this site that seem to crop up every year.

I feel I owe the Reality TV Gossip people at least one good laugh before I get back to business though - they were abused because of the witch hunt, and need a chuckle.

Where to begin? Well let's take a look at a little mail that I got from BBVoyeur:

From: Paul Laughton
To: realityenquirer@wildmail.com
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 22:16:25 -0700
Subject: Once again, I find myself thanking you.
You have been kind enough to point out some security problems with my
web site. I thanked you for that.

Now you have again helped me by testing my repairs. You are very clever
and make a good tester. It looks like all the holes have been blocked.

Thank you for you efforts. It is not easy to find good software testers
these days.

Please feel free to conduct further tests as needed.


Yes Paul Laughton, also know as BBVoyeur and BBTomcat, is being gracious. It seems that with all his wizardry on the net that he displayed at Reality TV Gossip recently, his own security on his site is so inadequate as to be almost criminal. The cutest thing was his Important Links page with a link labeled Tomcat which pointed to the ezboard login.

Oh and not to forget his site statistics, as seen below. Seems these were just laying around for anyone to see. And fancy that - one of his most prolific users is Tobor from San Antonio, Texas. Outside of the top user, which is most likely Paul himself, we see multiple hits from Tobor's IP. Of course all this really means is that Tobor is hitting the images posted on the BB Creative Development site. Isn't it interesting to note how much he hits the site. Don't these people have jobs?

Paul I feel good that you think your site is secure. And if you do suffer some catastrophic loss, feel free to drop me a line, I am sure I can help you restore your site from my files.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I have enjoyed seeing the shenanigans of BBVoyeur and Tobor in their attempts to "out" me. As they get increasingly frantic for clues, they keep getting further away. Their voices start rising in a maniacal pitch - on the reality tv gossip board we hear BBVoyeur screech "RE is here right now!" as if the Alien had just punched through the iron grating and was about to eat them all.

But here is a question. Why would I go to ezboard sites logged in as Reality Enquirer where I know BBVoyeur and Tobor reside, and linger so anyone that is looking would know I am there? And then make a grand tour around all of the sites I know they are IP scraping? If I had to be logged in to read on an ezboard and I wanted to remain anonymous, wouldn't I just get another ezboard ID that they wouldn't associate with me? I guess that is just too devious for an idoit like myself.

As for magic tricks - BBVoyeur was amazing the locals at Reality TV Gossip by posting IP addresses of people viewing the forums. Everyone was stunned, so much that the board owner Deb banned him. So for all you board owners and those that like a little privacy, you may want to listen to the magician's reveal. What Paul does (and has been doing for a while) is add an image link in his message to an image on his server. In this case he made the image so small you couldn't see it. Then like a spider, he sits on his server and watches his referrer logs to see who hits that image, and then makes guesses as to who the IP belongs to by who is currently on the board (isn't this kind of creepy?). When just a few people are on that particular page it can be very amazing. However I did get some irate messages from some people who saw their IPs posted. You can be assured this trick is being used extensively at BB Creative Development and Guru's Mecca of Razz, and can be used anywhere that links to images hosted on other sites is allowed.

Well this is getting boring for most of you, so here is a little magic trick of my own. Below I present to you a glimpse of the secret area of BB Creative Development. I won't tell you how I got it, but let's just say I wasn't visiting the site as Reality Enquirer that day. It does amaze me that such a paranoid place has such poor security. And look at all the nice things you can find out about the site just from this little peek.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

That just about wraps it up. This was fun for a while, but as I always realize too late, the witch hunters will burn a few innocents and never catch the witch. So until Tobor reveals my true identity I will turn my attention back to the business of reality sites.

Oh wait - I promised an Easter Egg Hunt. It seems that there are two sites that now each have a very obscure easter egg hiding somewhere. You will have to look very hard to find them, but they will be obvious once you do.

Happy Hunting!

Bonus Humor:

Stanley: She fell for it.

Oliver: I have to give credit where credit is due.

Stanley: So you think it is Staci? A smart person would not push the stick in the hive deeper when she sees the bees coming out right?

Dean: The whole game is beginning to bore me.

Jerry: I bet she got so giddy when she found it. But its nothing. Woooheee... you found some threads that talk about who the strangers are that peak in on the board. Oh my!

Stanley: Too bad for RE it seems. She went to far.

RE: Do you guys think I am really that stupid to fall for that setup? It smelled to high heaven. Call the EZBoard Authorities! We opened up our privates to make it look like RE broke in! I am sure Ezboard is laughing their asses off.

Jerry: Deeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaannnn!

Oliver: This is another fine mess you've gotten us into Stanley.