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Friday, September 30, 2005

A Bit About Kaysar 

A couple of emails from a Jokers regular:

It all started here: http://www.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=BBDiscussion&Number=2571087&page=2&view=expanded&sb=5&o=31&fpart=

Then it got worse here: http://www.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=BBDiscussion&Number=2571417&page=1&view=expanded&sb=5&o=31&fpart=

My first thought was "What is she thinking?" Then I knew the answer; she wasn't thinking at all, she just needed attention.

When I first heard rumors of the Kaysar chat so soon after the show ended, I thought "Okay, I can see doing an interview with him, but a chat? While all the freaks and geeks are still bashing and trashing on every aspect of the show? What a nightmare!" Then I heard that Jokerette was paying him for it, and I thought it was an extremely bad move for several reasons. When she came out today on the open board and admitted to it, and the way she talked about it, well, those reasons just solidified and grew much stronger.

Here they are, my reasons why Jokerette just jumped the shark of reality tv websites:

1. By paying for a chat, when you haven't done so before, you do three things. You give the opinion that other reality tv stars that you've had in for chats before aren't worth paying for, alienating them (and their friends in reality world), you set a precedent that you are willing to pay the talent, so anyone in the future will ask for payment, or be offended if you won't, and you set a standard for other websites, even if you aren't going to pay for chats in the future. "If it's good enough for Kaysar, it should be good enough for me." "Jokers paid for me, you should too." Especially when it comes to WINNERS of games. Of course, Jokerette already said she didn't want Maggie or Ivette on Jokers, but that's another discussion of bad RTV etiquette all together. Competition between sites is sometimes fierce, as you post frequently at RE, but none of them are money-makers in the long run nor is that their intention.

2. Letting it be known that a contestant asked for payment, does two things. It sends fans of the "other" side into a frenzy of trash mouthing the contestant, which was done almost immediately by a few posters at JU. It also ruffled feathers of some of the fans of Kaysar who didn't think it was right for him to ask for payment. Now if you're a reality tv star, with an 82% popularity rating, and you do a chat for a website right after the finale, do you really expect the site's owner to be trashing you within 2 days? Kaysar is spending time with the Sov 6 right now, and James posted on Kaysar's message board http://www.kaysarridha.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=1164&page=1
to "give him a break," so you know they all know about this. I doubt seriously any of them are going to have anything to do with JU now. So between the Sov 6 not touching JU with a ten foot pole now, and Jokerette posting that she didn't WANT Maggie or Ivette, exactly how much good publicity is she expecting from the BB6 cast and crew?

3. Jokerette committed to a tremendously successful donation drive for one of her administrators who was a victim of Hurricane Katrina and needed help badly, by offering all donation monies for a two week period go directly to this admin, even though there was an address for direct mail to this admin posted on the private Katrina forum. After some minor complaints, she committed to a 2 week drive to benefit a Katrina relief fund after the initial 2 weeks for her admin. When the first 2 weeks were over, she squashed the other, citing it was slow donation time since BB was over anyway. This in the days before Hurricane Rita was to spin her way toward the Gulf Coast again, this time toward Texas, where many Jokers regular posters would be affected. Within a few days of saying she would not be doing another donation drive, she paid for a chat with Kaysar, an unprecedented event. A few days later, she has now stickied a post to the top of the BB Discussion forum asking for donations because of going over bandwith. If Jokerette was going to pay for a chat, and then ask her users to pay her back for it, shouldn't we have known she was paying for it in the first place? Should she have agreed to pay him? Personally, I don't think so, and I say that as a moderate Kaysar fan but a long time poster at JokersUpdates.

If she wanted to pay for the chat with her own money, that's her prerogative. By agreeing to a fee, and having the chat, she took responsibility for that decision. To go back after all is said and done and insinuate how bad it was that he asked for a fee, even with the disclaimer (later) that it was a minor fee and well worth it, is just bad form, in my opinion. Then again, this is the woman most known on her board not for what a great site owner she is, but how much she can "frap."


Apparently Jokerette is the one who went to Kaysar initially with the money for a chat offer, and when HE tried to bargain with her, it pissed her off. That was the way I thought it probably was from the start, and I have had it confirmed. He didn't get the memo that everyone is supposed to bow at Jokerette's feet and thank her for pissing in their ear and telling them it's raining.