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Saturday, August 06, 2005

TV Clubhouse - End Of An Era 

Surprising news at TV Clubhouse:


After 5 years of being one of the top Big Brother and Reality Television sites on the internet, the owner has turned the site over to a group of users.

Neil, or Enb as many have know him, has been overtaken by real life and felt that he could not keep running the site. Instead of shutting it down, he has decided to turn the site over to a group of long term members who he feels can run the site with the same spirit he has these many years.

It is a sad day at TVCH - Neil started one of the first Big Brother sites in 2000 for the first Big Brother USA. After some initial problems with growth and software, the site stabilized into one of the most consistent places to get reality news on the net. It has been the center of controversy, including being one of the first sites to be harassed by CBS for copyright infringement. Is also has the distinction of 'fathering' a number of successful sites from members who wanted to go on their own - Elites TV, Reality BBQ, I Love Reality, Jokers Updates and others are all run by former members of TVCH.

Our best wishes to you Neil.

The king is dead - long live the king.