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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Scoop On TVCH 

After reading the TVCH new owner thread again, and after a few new posts, it seemed to me that what was announced and what actually was happening didn't jive.

So I did a bit of source snooping and here is what I think the real picture is.

Though TVCH announced a group had purchased the site, the real ownership of the site belongs to Karuuna, who has the title Owner. That was the first big clue - you don't call someone owner if a group buys it. From what I have heard this isn't a real big change - the real policy decisions were coming from the big K for quite some time.

The other members of the group are either just coming along for the ride to show solidarity, or they made a much smaller investment. Either way, the real trick here was to show the masses that things weren't really going to change and that there was probably at least one of the group you know and trust - SO DON'T PANIC AND LEAVE!

The other thing that I was told to look at was not who was in the "buying" group and retained moderators, but who wasn't. It's not what you see, but what you don't see that that is the real trick. Just the old corporate trick of clearing out the dead wood when the new administration takes over?