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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mind If I FORT? 

Strange things going over at Fans Of Reality TV. Seems mods are coming and going faster than Tommy Lee at college. Our sources say they have gotten ride of almost all of their original mods in the last few months - which is a lot since they had a couple of million moderators. Check out the purple people in the forums - most of them are ex-mods. Give me a count.

Seems it all started with one of the long-term well known mods Eny. Seems she left suddenly and then the modical chairs began. She has a website at ultimatedrivethru.blogspot.com . You can find this in the comments there:

"TPTB deleted a lot of stuff from Fort. Sorry you didn't get through, but it doesn't surprise me." And then, a few posts down, she said "A couple of months ago someone was nasty in a cyber sort of way and it didn't really matter beacause it was a barn door horse sort of thing . Yeah you want me gone - well um in case you hadn't noticed - I already was."

Sounds like it wasn't an amicable parting of the ways.