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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Circle Of Life 

Well the TV Clubhouse people have pretty much gone over the hill - the whole fuss about Animal House, Farm, whatever is that they have created a new area for "edgier" posting. Seems the rules are still the same, but now you can say poop instead of shit. This is about the most inane thing I have seen a board do since Jokers Updates turned soft porn.

But it seems the whole event has far reaching consequences. First, the vagabond boardhopper, Mocha/Honey - sometimes know as Hocha or Money - seems to be pissed at Elites TV due to the whole tiny shoe operation. But she also seems to be on the verge of another huff off from TVCH over this whole Animal thing. See this thread:


She has also taken up residence at that recently found board - which seems to be a TVCH spinoff with about 4 1/2 members - Big Brother Creative Development (let's not get too pretensious). And of course TVCH is the topic of discussion:


At the same time she is giving that much smaller board Elites TV a thrashing! In their typical fashion the people at Elites TV think this must be an honor:


The interesting thing is that Hocha has taken up with Tobor7 who is now frequenting all three of the same boards. Tobor7 is the same one that Elites TV claims is their new owner. Even Elitist seems to have admitted it. At least Tobor is spreading the word at http://www.tvclubhouse.com/forum/messages/10972/2570460.html?1124931018

The really scary thing is the circle is broader. Tobor and Hocha have both shown up at that infamous board owned by Guru, the Mecca of Razz - take a look at http://p078.ezboard.com/fthemeccaofrazzfrm56.showMessage?topicID=16.topic

Talk about circle of life - Guru is still the center of the universe of misfit toys, including the bane of TVCH, BBVoyeur.

And since Guru was also the bane of Elites TV, mostly because of the current owner of Jokers Updates, Digilady/Jokerette, it would be unfitting not to include in this circle the other recently found board, which seems to be a spinoff of Jokers refugees (I definitely recognize the names of some people that used to be really top echelon Jokers), RealityTVGossip.com

All we need now is James Earl Jones and a snappy musical number.