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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

When a Bans Not a Ban 

Well it seems like the Mocha/Honey ban didn't last long.

Turns out Mocha was suspended (twice- once for questioning moderation on the TVCH board, once for telling the mods to kiss her ass) and at the end of the suspension (as well as on the board at Elites) she was sent an e-mail by the moderators that included the rules and guidelines for posting at TVCH. She was asked to click one of two buttons- to either signify that she agreed or disagreed with the rules.

She was suspended for about 4 days, and after receiving the above e-mail, she copied it to a large group of people spanning both TVCH and Elites and ended her e-mail with the coy comment "guess which button I chose", implying she had refused the offer to reinstate her.
Old timers at Elites noticed that Mocha's profile remained active and showed that she was logging in daily to read. Said old-timers started asking questions there about the supposed banning at which point, Mocha (Honey at Elites) admitted that she had never "actually" been banned...just suspended...and she returned to posting at TVCH the next day.

In the meantime, she is sending members of both boards tiny collectable shoes that she collects, and she and her posse have set up shop in a rarely used chatroom nightly.