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Thursday, April 28, 2005

What A Wicked Web We Weave 

Well I got a letter from Maharet. Very interesting. Here are the highlights:

"Apparently the people over at PoopyPalace think I sent the tip to you about them."

"the stuff about IP’s is absolutely ridiculous."

"The rest is nothing but lies from a man with an axe to grind."

"Oh, and as you can see, this is my email address. I don’t know what email address the person who sent the original article to you used, but you can obviously see it isn’t this one."

Why is this all so interesting? Well, because I did check the email addresses, which of course didn't match. But a quick look at the email headers show the emails came from the exact same IP address. Meaning it is almost certain it came from the same person. At the same time, it does kind of suggest Maharet knows nothing about IP addresses and the internet.

When confronted with this fact, I got this response:

"All I can do is express to you the frustration of being lied about constantly by these people. The frustration got the better of me."

Seems to me what we need here is a good mirror to look into.