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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Kiss My Mocha Fanny, Honey 

My sources say there was a little dust up last week at Television Clubhouse (TVCH at tvch.bomis.com) - a poster named Mocha got into a fight with one of the mods - who also posts under the name of Karuuna. It was a parenting thread started by Graceunderfyre asking for some advice - someone posted about spanking their child, which Mocha favors - things got heated. Another poster really got flamed for admitting he spanked. Of course all of this has disappeared from the board

Mocha got a warning from the mods, and she told them to kiss her ass. Which resulted in a suspension (I guess ass kissing is frowned upon). Mocha now says she is banned.

Mocha has now migrated back to ElitesTV where she is known as Honey (remember we reported when she huffed off with Jozzrocks) and has now defiantly returned and brought a wave of people from TVCH- Hippyt, Grannyg, Pcakes2, Wasabi (Yankee_in_Ca at TVCH), Scoots, LLKoolaid.

Reports say there is now a big divide...the regulars at ETV and this exodus from TVCH. Some of the cross-posters who belong to both boards are kind of straddling the divide.

If I remember right, this has happened before, and most of the people returned to TVCH after a few weeks or months. Well I guess if you really think about it, Elites TV was started by people who left TVCH in a huff to begin with.