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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Just A Love Triangle 

Seems my link to Poopy Palace stirred up some, umm, well poop. Go to this link and start at about page 7 or 8 to get the latest:


From what I can tell, the love is all between Reality News Live, Pandemonium Palace, and Poopy Palace. And that love has been going on for a while.

Just in from the person who runs Poopy:

hi, I run www.poopypalace.com. You, obviously, were duped by someone about what the site is about. This site skewers the members of pandemoniumpalace.com....which was a bitch site started to take shots at people at RNL. The Mod who you are taking up for.....Maharet......removed HERSELF from the rolls as moderator because she wanted to take shots at people....which she ended up doing on Pandemonium Palace for months. SHE ASKED TO HAVE HER MOD STATUS REVOKED. You got that a bit wrong. NowPandemonium Palace has made great efforts to remove the offending threads after almost a year's worth of attack threads....and you chime into the middle of this. Seems odd.

You got a lot of this story wrong....and if you are Maharet.....I could understand why.....because you'd want to make your actions look better than they are. If you aren't Maharet....then.....you've simply been used by someone that is scrambling after having tried to out everyone's personal life, IP addresses, steal materials from other reality websites, and most of all, someone that uses her own insecurities to parade around the internet blasting people because she can't figure out how to get an audience otherwise.

Thanks for linking to my site, however, we don't talk about reality tv at all....but I'm sure we'll get a few members there from yours.

you got used. enjoy it.


I love being used. However you are also wrong about one thing - you may not talk about reality tv, but you are (can this really be) a site that was created to bitch about people on a site that bitches about a reality tv site. Now if that isn't fodder for a site that reports on reality tv sites, then nothing is.