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Monday, April 11, 2005

June and JayGee Are A Hoot at JokersUpdates 

Seems the ever critical Elyza, formerly of Elites TV, has shown up at JokersUpdates as JayGee and just published another stinker of an article on their site as someone named June.

Then the shit hit the fan. Take a look at


where the natives get restless and look ready for a lynching.

The best part is where Jokerette tries to tell everybody the article isn't bad, it is just satire. Where it seems the readers say "Satire This!"

The interesting thing is how Elites TV kicked Elyza off their board because she was so critical of the writing at that site (among other things - see http://realityenquirer.blogspot.com/2004_05_01_realityenquirer_archive.html#108397916612248902). Now she has published an article at Jokers that makes the writing at Elites look like Pulitzer prize winning material.