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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Now We Know Why Jokers Updates Is So Spooky 


there are alot of " Sensitives " that are drawn here and dont know the why of it or the extent of it . Alot of them dont even fully understand thier gift(s) . Kyle being one of them . You are one as well . Hopper is one . She talked about her experience at 9/11 . There are alot of us here and I dont feel it is an accident . Ette is one as well . After meeting her in person I KNOW it to be true . Miz Lacy has bit of the gift but ignores it most of the time . Alot of folks do that , so no need to be self silly about that . Mommamia is one as well . Wild has some of the characteristics .......Dre does but also ignores it . Oh gawd there are so many here it boggles my mind and would take forever to name them all . I really hope this all makes sense . I used to be very private about it . But not anymore , its like.....WHY ? You are a magnet to this place Darlin


OK I guess this explains about 8900 of those members that no one ever sees.