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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Poll - What's Ok, What's Not 

Just like last year, we had one of the webmasters find a neat way to pump the votes for their site. They simply took the voting code from my site, modified it so the only choice was their site, then placed it in prominent places.

And just like last year I had to ask them to remove it.

Why? Well for one I just didn't think it fair to present a poll with only one choice. More importantly the poll is one of the few ways I have of getting people to visit this site and see what it offers. The way it was circumvented let people vote and never come to my little corner of the world.

There has been some grumbling this year (and last) about Morty's TV skyrocket on the polls. Well as far as I can tell, their methods, though extreme, all pushed people here to vote. So yes Morty did paste links all over his site to come here and vote. Yes I imagine some of his people did email everyone in their address book and ask them to vote. And I also believe some of them were able to vote multiple times (it can be done but is a real pain). But again they all came to the front page of this site to vote.

So all you webmasters feel free to do anything you can to get your poll numbers up - but please make sure they make their vote from here!