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Saturday, August 28, 2004

What's Happening After Jokers? 

Well I have been monitoring all the stuff going on after the previous article and it seems there have been some far-ranging effects. So here goes:

Jokers Updates

It seems the article stirred up the natives at the site. Lots of questions were being asked about what was going on, and lots of questions were being deleted cause the administration didn't want it to get out of hand. The stalwarts of the site came out in support and did the old 'best site in the world' and 'best owner in the world' routine and brought out the old 'remember when' and 'when did you first come to Jokers' routine. Look here for the longest discussion that survived the purge http://www.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=BBDiscussion&Number=1265518&page=&view=&sb=5&o=&mrd=1093714456

As you can see, it was all blamed on trolls, when in fact there were very few trolls around, just members and guests who wanted to know what the hell was going on. No real answers, just heavy moderation. My sources tell me the Private Messages were also flying - but you know the staff reads those anyway so I imagine some of those were deleted alse.

Jokerette came out with this - http://www.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=BBDiscussion&Number=1265716&Forum=CatSearch-4&Words=&Match=Entire%20Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=1week&Main=1265716&Search=true#Post1265716 - her privacy standards which states private messages are only read in extreme cases - which we now know from our inside sources is a bunch of bunk - private messages seem to be read all the time.

It is really interesting in this not that Jokerette says 'We also don't slam other boards here, posts that do THAT will be removed.' Then in the first thread linked above she says 'Ain't NOTHING going to make me sell my baby. Jokers is my baby. Not some ridiculous hate site, not a load of trolls', apparently referring to this site - maybe a slam?

She is also claiming the site is 9000 strong and growing - the article already debunks that theory, and if you click on a few of the names at the bottom of the main forums page and look at their number of posts you can see the article has it down pretty correct. Ever hear of purging your memberlist of people that don't actually login to your site Jokerette?

We did catch this bit on the forums:

"Someone" posted a link to our article. It received one reply

Poo Bah
Reged: 02/17/03
Posts: 9744
Loc: VA
PM's are read...WTF? NT

And then 6 minutes after it was posted, it disappeared.

Now I guess this person was one of those trolls.


I received this in my mailbox the day the article was published:

'It's really amazing how you can make such a big story out of absolutely nothing. The Jokers' story is flat out wrong. How would I know? I've been there since day one. A few lines of truth mixed in a lot of jealous lies. I'd say check your sources, but it wouldn't make any difference anyhow. If not for bullshit, you wouldn't have this site or BBQ either.'

Which was very interesting, since the headers to the email pointed to the following"


Now I thought I remembered Jokerette being from Nashville, so I checked an old email I had of hers and got:


OK I figure that makes a lot of sense to me, so I sent a nice email back to mmumbles:

Hi Jokerette - or at least your email headers really match those of an email sent by Jokerette a couple of months ago. My multiple sources are impeccable, they are backed up by my own observations, and I have nothing to do with BBQ. Nice try though. Reality Enquirer'

To which I got this response:

'I'm not ette and wouldn't want to be. Phusion has told me all about you and how you operate. He loves to talk as much as you. Numfar is bitter without a doubt. Don't be surprised to find yourself in the news one day soon.............'

Surprisingly, when I tried to reply to this, the message was returned as "Returned mail: User unknown". I guess that was a throwaway account anyway.

My sources tell me that mmumbles is used in Administration of the Jokers Updates Yahoo group message board where they keep pictures. That is administered by Ette and M3gabyt3. The suffix shows up the same when using Who Is on Ette's name in chat.

So I guess mmumbles is really Ette, she is up to the same games of using other names as she does on her boards, and she is threatening me - well at least she is threatening Spamgirl of BB5BBQ.

BB5BBQ, MortysTV, and the ruin of my Poll

I sent an email out to a few webmasters that have contacted me before. Spamgirl at BB5BBQ.com saw fit to post a blurb on her website to read here - she does that periodically when I post new articles. Of course since she has a lot of traffic, the hits went up.

Well from what I can tell, the winner of last year's reality tv poll, Mortystv.com must have happened by (or one of his members). They didn't focus so much on the article as on the poll, then all hell broke loose. Morty posted it on his Big Brother page to come here and vote, and a thread was started in his forums: http://mortystv.com/forums/bb5/2781.shtml

If you take a look at the poll results you can see what I mean - Morty is now blowing everyone out of the water by a factor of 10 or more. Well there aren't any rules on how to get people to vote, so I applaud the site for their dedicated and avid members - seems they got everyone and their brothers and dead relatives to vote.

It also seems Morty has picked up a few new members, some from Jokers.

Now can anyone beat Morty?


In one of the Joker's threads there was a mention of Hardcore. I don't think they were talking about the site, but it made me curious so I took a look at bbhardcore.com. Seems at least one of the Joker's disaffected was going to try to make a go of that as an alternative board. But it still looks dead to me. Such a shame.

Where Art Thou?

There was other fallout - a Survivor board picked up on our site and sent a few people. Someone posted about the article at Reality411.com once or twice, which was deleted immediately, mainly because the owner there also owns RealityTrash.com and hates my guts. I found a nice place that I can't talk about. A few sites wrote asking why I don't write about them. And a few Joker's people that now post on other boards commented that the article was boring.

But what was the point of all of this from my view? Well the point is that something is basically wrong in how Jokers Updates is managed, and it has driven off a lot of their really good members and staff, and will continue to do so. Luckily Jokers has such a big draw during Big Brother that it can easily replace those lost, at least in quantity. But can they replace the quality they lost? Unfortunately for Jokers, it is a Big Brother site, and soon as those cameras go off they will once again start struggling for members to fill their empty halls.

The people that wrote this article want Jokers to reform, to become the place it was long ago, a place to have fun, a place where people and privacy are respected, and for some a place they could return to. I respect that, however my belief is the site reflects the personality of the owner and will continue to be mismanaged as long as she owns the site.

Good luck Joker's guests, members, and staff.