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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Who The Heck Is Hamster Time? 

That is the question I have been getting (and reading) since Hamster Time has been topping our Best BB Site poll.

Hamster Time at p200.ezboard.com/bbb3livefeeds is one of the ubiquitous EZBoard forums that are so popular - mostly because they are easy to set up and are ostensibly free. Some of these boards become very popular, and Hamster Time seems to be one of those.

Boasting over 750 registered member, the site gets about 3,000 visits per day, and averages over 54 posts/day. Of course I am sure this is a total average, and both numbers go up significantly during the Big Brother season.

This is a typical Big Brother board - Live Feed Recaps, General BB Discussion, BB Live Show Recaps and the ancillary forums that always seem to pop up to handle non-Big Brother talk.

The recaps are of the type TV Clubhouse pioneered - linear and lengthy (opposed to the threaded/short) and are quite good. I recognize at least one of the posters - Raptorgirl75 - but most of the names are new to me.

One thing they do have is a large and apparently loyal member base. Why else would they top the poll?