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Monday, July 05, 2004

What If You Made A Website And Nobody Came? 

This has got to be the question the webmaster at Big Brother Hardcore must be asking himself.

The site, another Big Brother site offering live feeds and discussion, seems to be stalled in the starting gate. The idea looks good - a place for people who like Big Brother and only Big Brother. It has a news front page, an updates board, and a discussion board. What it doesn't seem to have is posters.

I like the site - the boards are reminiscent of the old BB Insider (may it rest in peace), Keith X's BB Chatter, and the old Jokers Updates before the current administration took over. It is clean, has no advertising (at least not yet), and seems fast. What I really like is that in the discussion pages if a message has no text in it, it shows up without a link so you don't waste time opening it to see what is there.

I only count 4 or 5 people posting, including the webmaster Jakers. And those aren't posting very much.

This site looks ripe for a takeover by a group of posters who want their own home. Or another haven for disgruntled posters at other site - we will have to see if it turns in to one of those "hate" sites that seem to pop up every year around this time (well actually about a month or two in to the Big Brother season).

So good luck Big Brother Hardcore - it looks like you will need it.