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Friday, July 09, 2004

The Hamsters Respond 

In all fairness, I thought this response to my Hamster Time article should be printed

Overg here again, an admin on Hamster Time. I saw your write-up about our little site, and since I've seen the same "Who is Hamster Time?" question pop up on other sites, I thought I'd give you a little more background.

Hamster Time was started after Television Without Pity stopped carrying live feed recaps. People were refreshing so often that it was crashing their already taxed servers. So they shut down the recaps, and Hamster Time was born to fill the void. Most of the people who recapped on TWoP followed us over, and we've picked up a lot of loyal readers and recappers since then. So anyway, anyone familiar with TWoP will probably recognize a lot of its influence in Hamster Time.

We don't claim or want to be another Clubhouse or Joker's . . . anyone looking for straight up informative recaps would be better off with those sites. We prefer to allow our recappers a little more leeway with the "facts", and encourage them to express their opinions of the houseguests while they're transcribing the goings on in the BB house. Our basic motto is "better to be funny than accurate." Oh, and as to our numbers, we'll probably average between 15,000 and 30,000 hits and well over 200 posts per day during the season, depending upon how entertaining the show is.

Anyway, thanks for the poll and the feature. We like to think that we provide an entertaining alternative to some of the more well known recapping sites, and it's extremely gratifying to see our readers agree.