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Monday, July 12, 2004

BB5 BBQ - The Roast with The Most 

In my readings I have found a few people who had no idea who BB5 BBQ was. So what - are these people living in caves and watching black and white televisions?

BB5BBQ is the invention of Spamgirl, a web denizen who has frequented many sites over the years - including TV Clubhouse and Elites TV; created the infamous Banish Krista site during BB2; and has been active in one way or another with Big Brother since its inception.

BB5BBQ is the ongoing expression of the original site BB3BBQ which transformed into BB4BBQ last year. It is known for its ability to get breaking news on Big Brother, and for its barbequeing of the housemates. There has been some competition in the past by other sites, but I don't believe anyone gets the scoop better, faster, and more consistently than BB5BBQ.

Now I do have a few complaints. With the original success, the site tried (and I am not sure how successfully) to branch out to other reality shows. And now I see they have their own message board. Personally I think this dilutes the real power of the site - a central place on their home page to get the breaking news about Big Brother, unencumbered by message board politics and digressions on other shows.

But having said that, it is still a must stop site for any fanatical Big Brother watcher. Visit it and bookmark it today!