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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

What's Up Morty? 

Well first it was claimed on some boards that BB4BBQ was fixing the poll results. Now with Morty's TV going from a handful of votes to over 2000 in a matter of a day, people are crying foul once again.

So what's up with Morty's TV, a site I had never heard of before, becoming #1 in this poll?

Well Morty put a link up on his BB page that goes here:


Yeah it is our site framed on his page. Still doesn't explain the sudden increase in votes though.

Looking at my site stats the only thing I see that is even close to being suspicious is a few more AOL users coming to the site from Morty's.

I just don't see anything that says Morty is stacking the deck except for some well placed advertising. The site's Alexa's stats show it is a popular site, which means he is probably getting 10,000 or more people visiting per day - so the numbers are there, though his click through rate is higher than most other sites. So unless someone sends me some proof of wrongdoing, the numbers stand.