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Sunday, September 07, 2003

TVClubhouse Update 

From ILoveReality.com:

9/07/03 Ahh - the fun of the net. The other site I help run tvclubhouse.com went down yesterday - and still isn't up as of this writing. More details in the bb4 area. It WILL be back up - but maybe not until tommorow. I have updated the goings on in the BB house in my bb4 area. Sorry I don't have a discussion board here - but you are welcome to look in the links area if you can't wait until the TVCH is back up. Specific details can be found on this page: http://www.enbcom.com/tvclubhouse (the TVCH 'mirror' page).

I have received several e-mails asking the status of tvclubhouse - yes - I am a moderator/administrator over there - but no - the sites are not directly related. Here is a site that will most likely have more updates than mine http://www.enbcom.com/tvclubhouse/ this is the site owner's page.

As for the tvch live feeds - another member has been collecting and coordinating live feeds since the outtage. I have been told we have a pretty good running live covereage since tvch went down but it never hurts to have more info!! As soon as the site is back up and running we will update all the missing time with the live feeds mailed in by the faithful members :) If you happen to be someone who does live feeds on the site - or just want to contribute even if you never have before - please sent them to me if you have no one else to send them too :) I will then post them in the correct order in the TVCH live feeds as soon as I am able AND give you the credit of course. Be sure to include your TVCH member name in the e-mail. Once again the address is tvchlivefeeds@ilovereality.com to send in any live feeds. Thanks again!! :)


The mirror site essentially says they are down and are trying to get the servers back up.

They also link to http://ilovereality.com/tvch where live feed updates are occuring.