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Friday, September 19, 2003

Alison Irwin - My Secret Big Brother 4 Hoax! 

Well I saw this website a while ago and figured out the hoax, but I thought it had shut down so I didn't pursue it.

Take a look at www.alisonirwin.net - a site purported to be Alison of BB4 writing to a secret blog using a hidden wireless (how corny). The problem is the owner of the site has people believing this.

Well take a look at the whois at Tucows and guess what you find:

Whois info for, alisonirwin.net:

The StoryBookGroup
PO Box 8602
Gulfport, MS 39506


Administrative Contact:
Berna, Donna storybookgroup@earthlink.net
PO Box 8602
Gulfport, MS 39506

Yes it seems the same person who owns reality411.com, realitytrash.com, creditdiva.com and who knows what else is running a hoax and pretending to be Alison Irwin. And people are writing to her believing she is Alison, or somehow connected to Alison.

Do I find this surprising? No, not considering some of the other things we have reported here.

Do we find it disturbing? Yes.

Maybe we need a new poll.