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Friday, August 22, 2003

What's The Matter At BBChatter? 

I received the following in the mail about the disappearance of Capgirl from BB Chatter. This was posted on their board but has since been removed.


I'm absolutely not going back there, ever. I'm really sorry. Some people will have fun or celebrate and call me childish for what I've done, but so what? I have never once said that I owned that stupid board, that I was a moderator or anything of that sort. In fact, you know I made a point of telling people otherwise.

Yes, I'm one cranky #FOTH# sometimes. So? I also have spent a great deal of time helping a lot of those people out. There are some who really did appreciate my efforts, and for those I'm thankful. What a lot of those people don't realize is the stuff I did behind the scenes for individuals. Sure I was pretty harsh to a few people who really should have paid attention for 2 minutes and figured things out for themselves. If they want to complain about server usage and crap, then they should know that the incessant repetitive posts are one of the main causes of that...so if that were really a concern for Keith he would have put an end to it appropriately by putting the information in a single place and directing people to it. Also, the images eat up a lot of that, too...but again...if it were a big concern he would have said something about it.

I have a way of doing things that is probably a little harsh to some people. My posts, even nice ones, were routinely deleted while other far more harsh comments by other posters remained. People will deny this, but I can easily go into the past few days and pull out tons of examples of posts not deleted.

The problem has been brewing for a few days actually. Keith has been blatantly obvious about his messages and being "nice to newbies" and stuff. I have been trying to be nice, and I had toned it down over the last days as he requested. The funny thing is that he's never said a WORD to me about it directly. I've only ever received two emails from him, and neither of them had anything to do with how mean I may or may not have been. The last one was him actually thanking me for the images and updates. I do appreciate the thanks...but public ally he was not as sincere and while never mentioning names it was obvious he was referring to me and a few other people.

Last night I received some messages from people on the board who told me that the only reason I had not yet been banned from BB Chatter was because they "put up with me" because of my screen caps. This was said by at least 3 different, prominent posters to the board...not any of the newbies or anything like that. In fact, I highly suspect that at least one of them is a moderator over there. The one person who I know is a moderator was not one of those people though.

I put my messenger and email address up in my profile not to invite the weirdos but to be there for those who really want to contact me. You know I wouldn't put up with the weirdos. I *do* know how to use ignore features. I haven't had too many problems with it until recently. I am truly hated over there and its not an atmosphere I choose to remain in. They hate me anyway so I'm sure they're all pretty damn happy.

I have been removing my images from BB Chatter because of what was said. If they only wanted me around for the images, then that's what I'll take away from them. It is not a childish thing to do, in fact I thought long and hard about whether to do it or not. I have only removed the ones from the past couple days. The rest can stay up there for all I care. You (now) and a few others know that BB chatter is not the only place for my images. I simply uploaded them to Chatter as a courtesy to the users there because it is such a popular site and its is easier to have the images on the same site rather than drive traffic to my own as some users do by spamming their site's URL. That's extremely rude and I would never do such a thing.

Frankly, having a large collection of quality images kind of helps you to have a popular website. I only wanted to help because I felt BB Chatter was one of the few quality sites out there.

If people want to think of me as childish, that's their own thing. But tell me, why in the world would I want to leave my work on a site where I am obviously not welcome? Anybody calling me childish and dramatic because of that, in my view, is just as guilty as the ones talking to me last night. It proves that they want the good stuff and only the good stuff and coated with sugar, too....backing up what I was told last night, that the only reason I WAS still there was because of the images. Well...screw them they don't want me? They don't want my images, either.

Thanks for you support, though ...i think that place will go right on as it has and I hope Keith gets the happy Little Panacea that he desires. I just want no part of it any more.