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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth 

Well it seems my shout out wasn't well taken. Looks like those two little boards were (and I stress were) somewhat private. My revelation of their location was not something they really wanted. And thus the wailing and gnashing of teeth (a great display if I say so myself - take a look).

Here is a hint - when you post a link on a site and someone follows that link, the site you have linked to has something called a referrer log that shows where the visitor came from. Most webmasters keep an eye on their referral logs - it tells them where people are coming from, and what is being said about them on other sites. So when someone posted my little blog on your boards, and you had people follow it, I found you. Not knowing you were private, I made a small faux pas and posted your links here. I am surprised someone hasn't found you this way before.

If you would have e-mailed me I might have pulled the story. Then again I might not have, cause as the saying goes - Enquiring Minds Want To Know!