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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Unreality 411 

Has Reality411.com suddenly began requiring membership to view and post on its forums? Take a look and see if you can get in.

The really rich part is the statement from the admin:

Message from the Administrator of Reality411.com

Due to the high traffic on our board, we are going to be limiting access to members only from this time on. Board costs have increased exponentially due to so many viewers who do not post. If you would like free access to the board and all the live feed updates, please take a moment to pick a nickname and password for ezboard. It is free. Just click on no thanks at the prompts if you do not want a gold membership or ez supporter membership. EZ Board will send you one email. A validation link will be included in that email. Click on it to activate your membership. AGAIN this is a FREE membership. Your email will not be revealed to anyone on the board. Once admitted to the board please make at least one post to let us know you made it in. Thanks for your consideration!

OK I am not really believing any of this. First, isn't EZBoard, which Reality411 runs on, a free board? You only have to pay to get rid of ads, if I remember correctly - does that increase with increasing traffic? But claiming high traffic is a real hoot - if you have taken a look at their forums lately, the only person that does any posting is Hey Lolly herself, and that very seldom. And since you can see how many people are looking at the forums, it is easy to tell people aren't knocking down the doors to read this site! So the whole business of high traffic and high costs is just unbelievable!

Locking a site down like this is suicide in the competitive Big Brother and reality site world. Might as well post a big old sign saying "Closed For Business" and shutter the windows.

I think this has a lot more to do with the preceding post, and the fact that a BB4BBQ supporter spammed her forums with the Mike Danger story and she didn't even check her forums to find them for over 12 hours! High traffic indeed .