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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Does Saying You Cheated Still Make It Right? 

I did some more reading on Reality 411 and found this:

slwann 7/17

I just have one thing to say and that is I am sorry to Lolly if this has created alot of trouble for her web site and I am sorry to the people who I took there postings from.
Now for my defense. Back on 7/10/03 I did a posting and I did say at the top took from another site. I didn't even think about crediting the site. I was just happy I finally found another site that was doing better postings then this site (the one I love the most). I figured people would like to read the updates in one neat place and not have to click on every different poster. So it took me a long while out of my morning to take out what I thought people would like and have missed and take out the double postings. You know when something happens good and 5 different people post the same thing 5 different times. Well anyway I did this thinking I was helping others, not to take credit for being the best poster or to see my name on the pc. Well after I did that one post I figured the regular people who know how I post would know when I did my regular posting and when I took the postings from another site so I didn't keep repeating myself saying taken from another site. I have not had a chance to watch much live feeds and I do realize this year I do have more postings taken from another site but I only did it to keep people updated and interested in this site. Since this has all gone down in the past couple days I truthfully haven't felt like updating and just watching the feeds for myself and forget everyone else. But I do see a couple peole here have supported me and Lolly too Thank you that means alot. I will continue to post and if you don't like it tuff and if you don't have anything nice to say keep it to yourself.

p.s. I also did some postings in the other web site too I just didn't use the same name as this site. So I also was helping them out too I just wasn't stealing as you all think.

I just don't comprehend the reasoning here. Slwann found another site that did better postings than Reality 411, so decided to take those posts and put them on Reality 411 without crediting the original site? The people that do update posting spend a lot of time doing it, the people that host the boards spend a lot of time and money making their sites places that people want to post at - so why should they be pleased that their "content" is being taken and posted somewhere else? If Reality 411 (or any site for that matter) is so great, it should not have to steal material from other sites - it should be able to generate its own. Survival of the fittest - reality tv Darwinism - make a great site and they will come. Don't take care of your site and it will die.

The worst part about this is that the problem was brought up last month, but the practice is still in place and condoned by the webmaster.