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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Capgirl - Make Up Your Own Mind 

I received an e-mail saying I was unfair to only post part of the conversation about Capgirl over at BBChatter.

So here is the link to the thread that was quoted - you read it and make up your own mind - http://www.bbchatter.com/message.php?f=1&i=246109&t=246091#reply_246109. Can't guarantee it is in its original form, but it does match what was sent to me.

I still say turning capgirl's name into #FOTH# is childish.


And more http://www.bbchatter.com/message.php?f=1&i=249509&t=249509

And even more http://www.bbchatter.com/message.php?f=1&i=249536&t=249536