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Monday, August 04, 2003

And Now - The Rest Of The Story 

You can read the first part on realitytrash.com. But here is the whole unedited (notice that the realityenquirer link is different here than there? And that only half of the chat was posted?) chat between Hey Lolly Lolly and Phusion:

[phusion] Divine Secret of the YaYa-Sisters?
[amylubscheese] noooooo
[amylubscheese] guess who i am
[amylubscheese] u know me well...
[amylubscheese] u can tell no oneeeeeee
[amylubscheese] yayaya
[phusion] Digilady.
[amylubscheese] nice ladeee but not this one...
[amylubscheese] i know her
[amylubscheese] she is from the nashville state
[phusion] Somebody from JokersUpdates, obviously
[amylubscheese] i am a member there
[phusion] Nashville is not a state, it's a city.
[amylubscheese] i have a site
[amylubscheese] well several i guess
[amylubscheese] here is a clue
[phusion] Spamgirl?
[amylubscheese] nooooooooooo
[amylubscheese] is she here
[phusion] I don't think so.
[amylubscheese] she is cool like meeeee
[phusion] ok
[amylubscheese] dang it
[amylubscheese] well here is your clue...
[amylubscheese] i am an honorary canadian
[phusion] Wow, that narrows it down to 30millions people.
[amylubscheese] y a ya y a
[amylubscheese] i lub my phusion
[phusion] Who doesn't?
[amylubscheese] cbsuxxx
[amylubscheese] rnlsuxxx
[amylubscheese] but i like amy
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] Ok lol
[amylubscheese] lol
[amylubscheese] u have known me for 2 or 3 bb's
[amylubscheese] u post sometimes at my site
[phusion] lolly?
[amylubscheese] the survivor blonde lady that love drugs is ur icon right???
[amylubscheese] ya ay yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[phusion] Yea
[amylubscheese] how r u
[phusion] Lolly?
[amylubscheese] ya ya ya
[phusion] You're Canadian?
[amylubscheese] i am an honorary canadian
[amylubscheese] have passport will travel
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] ahhhh
[phusion] Why don't you come in BBCBS anymore?
[amylubscheese] i thought u lived in canada
[amylubscheese] no i live in usa
[amylubscheese] tis a long storeeeee my phusion
[amylubscheese] what stae are u in btw
[phusion] I'm in Canaad
[amylubscheese] i will tell u
[amylubscheese] o o o
[amylubscheese] i loveeeeeee canada
[amylubscheese] i will be visiting there soon
[amylubscheese] the writer and originator of that realityenquirer site is
[amylubscheese] alltho she wont ever admit it
[phusion] hah
[amylubscheese] [http://realityenquirer.blogspot.com]
[amylubscheese] i think that is the addy maybe
[phusion] How do you know it's her?
[amylubscheese] well
[amylubscheese] there have been some major security breaches in a few places
[amylubscheese] accusung no one am i
[phusion] Weird
[phusion] But I'd doubt that SG is the creator of RE
[amylubscheese] corporate blogger.com has comfirmed the reg of the free site
there to one kristy milland etc
[amylubscheese] it gets weirder
[amylubscheese] butr i am trying not to freak u out phusion
[phusion] She's running BB4BBQ of BlogSpot.com
[amylubscheese] o i doubted it too for a while
[amylubscheese] yes
[amylubscheese] it had a few "problems in the past 2 weeks right?
[amylubscheese] server issues???
[phusion] With their host
[amylubscheese] thats what she posted
[amylubscheese] ah yes "her host"
[phusion] WEird
[amylubscheese] well "her host was the product of hacking and stolen
bandwidth from a host server in California...
[amylubscheese] well "her host was the product of hacking and stolen
bandwidth from a host server in California...
[amylubscheese] again dont go by what i say...
[amylubscheese] but it is all gonna happen soooooooon
[amylubscheese] the evidence will be presented by that host company in
[phusion] I doubt she would bash her own site on RealityEnquirer
[amylubscheese] somebody(prolly her) hacked into someone host account in
[amylubscheese] the whole bbq was being stored on the hacked into servers
[amylubscheese] she just bought the bbq domain name
[amylubscheese] lol about bashing her own site
[amylubscheese] lol
[amylubscheese] just remeber what i have told u
[amylubscheese] u will see it all unfold
[amylubscheese] if i am wrong
[amylubscheese] yayaya no one is hurt
[phusion] I think you're wrong, sorry to say
[amylubscheese] i wish i was wrong
[amylubscheese] truly believe me phusion
[phusion] And you did all that re-search "alone" lol?
[amylubscheese] a person somehow dropped a worm into a computer of mine
[phusion] BB4BBQ is hosted on a person's I know site.
[amylubscheese] TELL THEM TO BE Carefull
[phusion] Why?
[amylubscheese] yes she had to restore everything somewhere else
[amylubscheese] when it was discovered
[amylubscheese] yes she had to restore everything somewhere else
[amylubscheese] when it was discovered
[amylubscheese] because a few and i use the word few loosley
[amylubscheese] "other things have happened
[phusion] Who are you doing this research with? I'm curious... lol
[amylubscheese] the host company in la is investigating as well as the fbi
[phusion] And is this all worth it? It's the internet after all
[amylubscheese] cause it has gone over to 2 companys and three states now
[amylubscheese] cause it has gone over to 2 companys and three states now
[amylubscheese] the fbi mirrored out my whole computers hard drive
[amylubscheese] o i agree phusion
[amylubscheese] this was a stupid criminal thing for anyone to do
[phusion] I think you're full of shit, sorry
[phusion] You two were so close and then you say shit like that?
[phusion] It's just odd
[amylubscheese] well i didnt know who SHE REALLY is
[amylubscheese] we were really closer than u thought
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] I'm not
[amylubscheese] just watch and see what happens
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] No wonder you always get beat up by people
[amylubscheese] np:)
[phusion] You cause shit lol
[amylubscheese] lol
[amylubscheese] hey
[amylubscheese] i only got hit by a man one time
[amylubscheese] and i left him
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] lol
[amylubscheese] ppl dont beat up on me
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] I won't, I'm not like that
[amylubscheese] i know
[amylubscheese] you seem quite respectable to me
[amylubscheese] i let officials and authorities handle stuff and my
[amylubscheese] no one can get to me
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] But why do pay this stuf $$$ when it's only for BigBrother?
[phusion] Keep your money, go in Hawaii
[amylubscheese] what to ya mean
[amylubscheese] i like television and bigbrother
[amylubscheese] its only one thing i do
[amylubscheese] i make no big money from it
[phusion] Did you contact Spamgirl about it?
[amylubscheese] i have 3 lawyers on retainer
[amylubscheese] that handle business things for me
[amylubscheese] i dont pay any extra
[phusion] What were the 2 compagnies you contacted.. because I don't think
he site was hosted in US
[amylubscheese] my company in mississippi and a company in Atlanta georgia
and the host company in cali
[amylubscheese] o i will come
[amylubscheese] i miss u
[amylubscheese] of course
[phusion] How all the sudden, you came up with that idea she ws on a hacked
[amylubscheese] well i found the evidence
[amylubscheese] its my server in cali
[amylubscheese] talk about talking chit about someone
[phusion] What?
[amylubscheese] how bout talking like u r their friend
[amylubscheese] and pulling crap like this chit
[amylubscheese] ya ya ya'
[phusion] You did all that research alone? lol
[amylubscheese] no
[amylubscheese] i told u the server company noticed intrusions from
[amylubscheese] ca and new jersey
[amylubscheese] i dont usually travel there
[amylubscheese] so they contacted me
[amylubscheese] cause of the unusualness of what was done
[phusion] Spamgirl is not in NJ or CA, is she?
[amylubscheese] they can tell where i login from
[amylubscheese] lol
[amylubscheese] doesnt she pretend to be from canada?
[phusion] She's not from Cananda??????
[amylubscheese] no she lives in NJ
[amylubscheese] ya ya ya
[amylubscheese] lol
[amylubscheese] truly
[amylubscheese] she may have an office or place in canada
[amylubscheese] ya ya ya
[amylubscheese] when more stuff is publically revealled am am writing about
it to explain this all
[phusion] But I don't beleive SG is from NewJersey
[phusion] I met her in Toronto, Canada like 3 weeks ago lol
[amylubscheese] well she has a house there
[phusion] She lives in an appartement
[amylubscheese] she could be canadian but not unless she revoked her usa
[phusion] She's doesn't have one.
[amylubscheese] yes she "says" she lives in an apartment in canada i know
sweeet phusion
[amylubscheese] lol
[phusion] I went in her appartement! stayed there!!!!!!!!! lol
[amylubscheese] wooooow
[amylubscheese] fAB
[amylubscheese] DID YA SEE HER PASSPORT
[amylubscheese] LOL
[phusion] I met her parents.
[amylubscheese] SO U KNOW WHO SHE REALLY IS
[amylubscheese] LOL
[phusion] I went to her parent's house
[amylubscheese] hmmmm
[amylubscheese] wow
[phusion] See, are you lying now??? haha
[amylubscheese] its just gets better and better
[phusion] I think you're a fucking alcoholic who can't do anything better
with her life to cause shit
[amylubscheese] i dont ever
[phusion] SEriously, you're as dumb as a brick
[phusion] I'm ignoring you, ignored.. bye
[amylubscheese] i believe u went some placwe if u say u did