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Monday, July 21, 2003

What's The Extra In RealityTVExtra? 

I keep looking at Reality TV Extra to figure out its purpose. I am still lost on the concept of why a bunch of websites would build a portal together that isn't very exciting and not visually appealing.

The site is built around 5 members - BB4BBQ, BB4-Online, WeLoveBigBrother, BigBrotherChat, and the Reality411/RealityTrash duo (why is Reality Trash included here - it isn't a real reality tv site?). The site also sponsors a set of Big Brother 4 fan sites.

The concept seems like a great idea - the execution is not. Few links, few articles, and of course all the member sites are rated 5 stars. And almost everything revolves around the member sites. If you follow our Alexa ratings, you can see not too many people are impressed either.

Of the five websites, only BB4BBQ is a stellar performer, and WeLoveBigBrother is doing well in the middle of the pack. I think all of these sites should dump this dead horse and focus more on their own websites and other cooperation between themselves.