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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The Scoop on BB4-Online 

Got this e-mail from Nancy at BB4-Online -

Here is the scoop for enquiring minds that want to know.

Well I must tell you I am somewhat confused myself by the playout of events yesterday lets just blame it on my meds and that I was having a very emotional day. Because of illnesses and complications from my spider bite last year I have had to dial it back this season. I thought at first I could move ahead with 2 full blown sites and all of the features and was ready to go then after speaking with my doctor yesterday he strongly advised me to lighten the load or drop the project altogether. I was upset and sent the first newsletter and put up the closed notices before I really thought it out.

When calmer and cooler heads prevailed and I was reading the other sites I thought I cannot give this up all the way. I will be online and posting why not post on my own sites. So I spoke with my doctor again and we determined that a limited role this season would be ok. I spoke with others at my office and they agreed to help out and I sent some emails and have had positive feedback from some site members who have reassured me that they will help with feed posting and that we can make a go of a limited site this season.

I sent the second newsletter and let everyone know we were back up only downsized. I have opened both sites for chat, forums and links. We will be posting live feed updates - articles and discussions of house events in addition to screen captures. Regretfully we will not be having in depth summaries or a newsletter this season. Those that signed up for membership to www.bigbrother-fix.com also need to re-register for new forum and follow the links on the site.

I have received a truckload of email from people who have been so supportive and kind and who are keeping me in their thoughts and prayers and for this I am grateful. I will be watching my health and watching the house and know that while the site is smaller we will still be there 150%. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Nancy Polley- Still Webmaster of BB4-Online.com and BigBrother-Fix.com