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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Reality Site Rankings 

I found this cool site called Alexa that gathers data from people who download their toolbar and gives some indication of how popular websites are. Though it probably isn't accurate, and easily gamed, I thought I would present the results for some of the websites in my Links list. I didn't include SirLinksALot or other link site, I couldn't include TVClubhouse cause they are in the Bomis domain (which seems pretty popular), and if there weren't any hits I didn't inlcude them in the list. The numbers here are the average number of "reach" per million users per day for the last 1 week.

fansofrealitytv.com 41
realitynewsonline.com 39
bb4bbq.com 18.5
mediafiends.com 17
jokersupdates.com 16
realitynewslive.com 11.5
bb4-online.com 8
ilovereality.com 2.5
bbchatter.com 1