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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Reality Alert! 

Got this from a concerned citizen:

Reality Reel.com has sent you this e-mail because the below site is linking to you or you are linking to them.

The site to which we speak of is:


In the recent weeks the above site has been ripping off several sites including taking articles directly from other sites without permission or credit. Right now several articles are posted, some from TVRules.net and one from RealityReel.com (our site). They have also copied it in direct form including the image to which Big Brother article on both sites are posted with.

No matter which site you are with you realize that you and or your writers spend a lot of time creating the site, writing article, and making it a great place to visit. With any site you do not want your material copied in any form unless you give someone permission, it is for this fact that we ask you to help shut this "Rip-off" site down.

RealityReel.com and its writers, who discovered this site, tracked it down and found out it is hosted by Bravenet.

We ask you please:

1.) File a complaint with Bravenet notifing them of this issue.
2.) Remove any and all links on your site to this site.