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Friday, July 11, 2003

Photo Wars - Rules Of Engagement 

The owner of bb4-online.com was just as suprised as I was that claims were being made that photos were being posted on her site that were taken from another site and not credited - this was against her policy, plus she and others spend a lot of time getting their own screen captures. A bit of investigation found one of her submitters didn't know of her policy and had passed on the images from Reality News Live. The pictures have been taken down from the site, the policy stressed, and an e-mail sent to the RNL webmaster.

Since this could have been resolved with a nice note between the webmasters, I am instituting the following rules on this type of gossip:

1. If you have a beef with another website like this - send an e-mail to the webmaster first. If you don't get a response or a negative response, you can send it on to me.

2. If I receive anything like this in the future without an indication of some attempt at contact, I will contact the webmaster(s) for a response before I publish.

So try to settle these things between yourself first! Everyone will be happier!