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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

More Photo Wars 

It looks like the photo wars are still alive and well. The latest rumor is that Big Brother Updates is copying photos from We Love Big Brother - essentially that almost every photo in BBU's Photo Gallery are pictures taken from WLBB.

For example, last night, they had the Houseguest pictures from my WLBB. How to tell? They simply chopped the top inch off of the picture from WLBB which had its name on it, then left the bottom of the picture, which happened to have the houseguest name on it in the same font and color. They figured that out too, and now have removed the bottom part so the origin couldn't be identified.

They also have a bunch of pictures from the multiple housetours. Last night, they had 28 house tour pictures. 26 of them were from WLBB (minus the logo). Compare these two pages to see for yourself (while you can): We Love Big Brother and Big Brother Updates.

When I checked last it seems they have already removed some of the house tour pictures.

Come on guys - it doesn't hurt that much to give credit where credit is due. Or at least go to the original CBS source and steal them from there!