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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Just My Imagination? 

I have been scanning the different sites and I am getting this distinct impression that the Big Brother activity is just not the same as it was in past years. There seem to be fewer live feed updates, fewer comments in the discussion areas, and fewer people in general.

For instance - go to KeithX's BBChatter BB4 Updates forums and you can see well over a days worth of updates on one page. Seems like last year at the first of the year you would be paging back to catch the last 4 hours.

Or go to Jokers Updates and look at the V column - I have sorted the updates by number of views. Only 886 views of the most popular thread as of this writing and that post was made on 7/8 at 7:53 PM. The Jokers I remember touted 5 to 10 thousand viewers a day during Big Brother - shouldn't this number be much higher?

Reality 411 only has 25 visitors in the last 15 minutes? Allison in a bikini has only gotten 966 views at Reality News Live?

Something is going on here. Any webmasters want to comment?