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Sunday, July 06, 2003

Holiday Is Over 

Well I am back from the holiday and am facing a full mailbox. Thanks to all the people who took the pledge along with me - it must have been a pretty dull place around here this weekend. Lots of stuff to discuss as I get a chance.

Just a few quick notes. It seems my article on BB4BBQ.com's topsites ruse was not well received by that site. If you look at their links on the left side of their page, you will see we have moved from fourth place to next to last (just above jokersupdates.com - does that tell you something?). Too bad - that site is really good and seems to be getting the scoop on the Big Brother houseguests.

I also see RealityTrash.com is actually posting something besides articles about me. There for a while I thought they were going to rename the site RealityEnquirerTrash.com and gain the distinction of being the only site that reported on a site that reported on reality sites. I do think that if you want the real definition of purloined you should go to Crazy Comments and ask them what they think of the Reality411 site. And while you are at it, maybe you should look up "conflict of interest" and consider its application when a person that dishes dirt on other reality sites also has their own reality site. Can we spell "self-serving"?

Finally there seems to be a new website conglomerate called Reality TV Extra that I will be looking into.

Stay tuned!