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Monday, July 07, 2003


From the amount of e-mail I received, and the contents therein, I seemed to have stumbled into something much deeper between Jokers Updates and Elites TV than just the defection of one poster from one site to another.

Putting that aside, it seems that the accuracy of the e-mail I received is also in question. So I decided to investigate the profile in question and see how accurate it is.

The Joker's profile on their front page says up front that Hakishiroom is a "long time poster at Jokers". Digging a little deeper his message board profile there says he registered on 12/27/02 and only has 296 posts. OK I am not a genius, but Jokers has been around for three years, and I would think a long time poster would have been there longer than 6 months. To me this statement is INACCURATE!

The Elites TV member said "looks like nobody cared for him there". Hakishiroom said "I headed my skinny little butt on over here to be with people I care about and who care about me". As an outside observer, I also read between the lines and gather that Hakishiroom had no friends at Elites TV.

The Elites' member also said "He says he got tired of it after a while - yeah about a year of a while." Research into Elites' member area does confirm Hakishiroom posting there during May of 2003. So he joins Jokers in December 2002 because of the people that cared about him, and left Elites TV because he tired of it - supposedly at the same time. But he stayed an active member at Elites TV for six months. This doesn't make sense to me at all.

The Elites' member says "I bet he still reads over there all the time, even though he says he doesn't read any other message board but Jokers." Hakishiroom's profile says "I frequent a board called Community Hall...it is the official message board for Miss America...I'm a big pageant buff (gay and a pageant fan...go figure!) and I just enjoy posting there. I also frequent websites (not message boards) that list information about Reality TV/Pageants/News. I also frequent Gay.com".

OK either I am really out of it, or "I also frequent websites (not message boards) that list information about Reality TV" means he goes to other sites, but doesn't look at their message boards or post there. We know he has been posting at Elites TV in May, and one of our readers also informed us he posts all over Survivor Sucks.

I have nothing against Hakishiroom - however I can now see how the profile he has allowed to be posted can be construed as negative toward Elites TV. There are also some glaring errors in the profile that need to be corrected to give a more accurate description of this young man.

Behind all this is an undercurrent of animosity between Elites TV and Jokers that I have just touched the tip of. It will be interesting to see what shows up.