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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Gaming The Alexa Stats 

For those of you following the Alexa statistics that I have been posting on the left hand side - you may have noticed a rising star - I Love Reality. So how is this site moving so rapidly up in the ranks?

Well the webmaster Ryn wrote to tell us about his experimentation:

Interestingly enough I added the Alexa thing to ONE computer I use and have made it a point to surf to my site (Ilovereality) every day and surf a few pages. Suddenly my ranking shot up. I have a sneaking suspicion that ALexa weighs my browsing habits as if I was representing a lot of folks - thus my site's sudden climb. I certainly bet the difference between my site and Elites is a lot more than it shows. Being my site is run by me, myself and I, and Elites has many people keeping it going.

A later missive reveals:

Now I am at 15 for 1 week - and I can tell you my actual stats haven't changed much, if at all.

So I suspect that some of the other sites are on to the ease of "cheating" on the Alexa rankings and are doing it as well (although am I "cheating" since I told you what I was doing?? lol).

Nice to have gone from 2 viewers per million to 15 in 2 weeks though - especially since I only used one computer to do it (and one visit a day - maybe 5 or 6 pages). Imagine other sites with more than one person running it hitting their own site just once a day with the Alexa toolbar turned on.

Well I knew it could be gamed - just didn't think the results of one person hitting the site would be so dramatic. Forgot to ask if Ryn was on dialup or broadband - it could be a dialup with its new IP address could be fooling the stats.

So who else had been playing the Alexa game to up their stats? And have they seen this dramatic an increase? Enquiring minds want to know!