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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Can Reality News Live Trust Their Source? 

From a reader who questions our "Truth Travels Through" article about the trustworthiness of Reality News Live's source:

I've been watching all of this unfold very closely. I saw the post that RealityNewsLive.com put up that had to be taken down. It stated that the twist would be announced on the 30th and that the HG's would be announced on the 3rd. They were correct. Here is an article from Zap2It stating that the HG's will be announced on the 3rd.

I think RNL even stated that 9 names would be released. And they were correct about that, as well. The other 4 are ex's of some of the 9.

When I emailed RNL about why the post was removed. I was told that CBS and ASP did not want the info released prior to Monday, June 30th. Sounds like they can trust their source to me. They hit the nail on the head.